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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kings of War - New Beginnings

When I last blogged on here, Warhammer was alive and well.  The End Times wasn’t even in sight and we were embarking on the new Kiwihammer adventure.  How times changed!  The Warhammer world as we knew it was destroyed in fire and blood and out of it has sprung new beginnings.  

As a long time Warhammer player I have to say it’s departure left a void that I needed to fill.  AoS and my views on It have been well documented so I won’t dredge that up again!  Into that void stepped Kings of War.  I have to say I was initially sceptical but after GW treated us like battered wives Mantic and their approach is truly refreshing.  I found a clean, sharp rule set that promoted unit to unit combat.  To be fair I wasn’t expecting the depth and the enjoyment of play I have so far experienced.  

This will be hopefully the first of many posts as  explore Mantica and KOW in NZ.