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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Battle at Warhammer Vahalla

Yesterday we gathered at Rory Finemore`s house with Paul Clarke and Henry Poor to get three games of Warhammer in.  I took my draft beastmen list.

Game 1: Henry's Empire - we both set up fairly centrally with early turns spent Henry shooting off my chariots with ease with his cannons and me trying to purple sun the tank. I got the chance to put two chariots into the flank of soulblighted demi gryphs doing 10 impact hits and 8 wounds. Henry only failed 1 save and they stuck... The main gor block flanked the tank T3 but combat wasn't needed as purple sun showed up and the tank went down a hole! however in the ensuing combat with Halberds my T5 besstlord died over two rounds to 11 S4 attacks with a 4+ armour and 4 + ward. Sad times!  The demi chickens and the pope mobile then got into the second gor block who couldn't get out of the way due to a 1 inch overun cause by going frenzied on the primal fury roll! They didn't survive despite getting wildform off the +1 save was too good. I did spirit leach Henry's L4 to get a few points back but the Great Swords evaded the other gor and Henry picked up a pretty decent win.  Learnings, Death worked well I really missed the bestigor or something high strenght to deal with the demi's as they just made so many saves.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Battle will be joined

Tomorrow will see a gathering at "Warhammer Vahalla" of a group of the Nerdymen to stress test Arch Enemy lists. I will be running a beast list
for the second time bereft of bestigor. I looked long and hard at a Doombull but despite the awesomeness of the model he is being left at home. Looking at my other options the best approach was the double gor block, besstlord, great-bray backed up with the Beast banner BsB and shard of the herdstone spam.

Supporting that is several baby pig chariots, harpies, ungor raiders, single pigs and a big pig chariot.  It contains the world of chaff (maybe too much) but I like the idea of dictating the movement phase with Shadow magic and control the combats I fight.

The List: (minus magic items as it's closed lists!)

Beastlord, General Shield
Great Bray-Shaman L4 Death
Wargor BsB heavy armour, shield
Bray-shaman - beasts
bray-shaman - shadow
bray-shaman - shadow
38 Gor full command
37 Gor full command
Tuskgor chariot
Tuskgor chariot
Tuskgor chariot
10 ungor raiders
razogor chariot
5 harpies
5 harpies

looking at 10 drops prior to putting the gor down. It has some bad match ups but I think the magic / ability to dictate movement It should be solid.  If not there is always 6 dice purple sun!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hobby time - terrain

So after an abject year of hobby progress i've finally managed to get something done. Finally finished up 4 pieces of terrain for the board. The next step is the lair of the Asromancer which is a great model.  Then onto working on a objective marker for the upcoming arch enemy where i'll be running the beastmen! I'll be giving a run down of my list as I put it together and my expectations for the tournament.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

GW Textured Paint Review

So over the coming weeks I will be working on my Epic Blood Angels Legion – I was looking at basing options; sand, static grass, flock and I wasn't feeling it.  I thought about the new GW textured basing paints.  I didn’t see these as a viable or cost effective option for my 28mm figures but for my epic 6mm they could be a life saver.  So I popped down to GW to check out my options.  After looking at some of the store mini’s and chatting with the manger I settled on a pot of Stirland mud (likely to be followed with a quick bleached bone highlight) to do a quick good looking job on my infantry.  I will get some pics up over the coming weeks once I make some progress and give my thoughts on it.        

"Time saving in a pot"

It lives!

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