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Thursday, 13 December 2012

GW Textured Paint Review

So over the coming weeks I will be working on my Epic Blood Angels Legion – I was looking at basing options; sand, static grass, flock and I wasn't feeling it.  I thought about the new GW textured basing paints.  I didn’t see these as a viable or cost effective option for my 28mm figures but for my epic 6mm they could be a life saver.  So I popped down to GW to check out my options.  After looking at some of the store mini’s and chatting with the manger I settled on a pot of Stirland mud (likely to be followed with a quick bleached bone highlight) to do a quick good looking job on my infantry.  I will get some pics up over the coming weeks once I make some progress and give my thoughts on it.        

"Time saving in a pot"

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