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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Battle at Warhammer Vahalla

Yesterday we gathered at Rory Finemore`s house with Paul Clarke and Henry Poor to get three games of Warhammer in.  I took my draft beastmen list.

Game 1: Henry's Empire - we both set up fairly centrally with early turns spent Henry shooting off my chariots with ease with his cannons and me trying to purple sun the tank. I got the chance to put two chariots into the flank of soulblighted demi gryphs doing 10 impact hits and 8 wounds. Henry only failed 1 save and they stuck... The main gor block flanked the tank T3 but combat wasn't needed as purple sun showed up and the tank went down a hole! however in the ensuing combat with Halberds my T5 besstlord died over two rounds to 11 S4 attacks with a 4+ armour and 4 + ward. Sad times!  The demi chickens and the pope mobile then got into the second gor block who couldn't get out of the way due to a 1 inch overun cause by going frenzied on the primal fury roll! They didn't survive despite getting wildform off the +1 save was too good. I did spirit leach Henry's L4 to get a few points back but the Great Swords evaded the other gor and Henry picked up a pretty decent win.  Learnings, Death worked well I really missed the bestigor or something high strenght to deal with the demi's as they just made so many saves.

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