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Thursday, 3 January 2013

The evolution of the beasts

Having looked at the beasts again and being into my 9th game I had made a few changes to the list.  Double L4 game in, the beastlord went out. Death/Beasts combo, I also snuck in some bestigor.  It was overall a much stronger list based around two pretty strong combat blocks backed by a pretty horrendous 12 dice (mostly) phase.  With that in mind I ended up playing the Ogres of Tom V R

I set up fairly centrally – the herdstone with the ungor bunker behind – the bestigor right central and the gor left central with the harpies in behind and the chariots flanking.  Tom mirrored me with the gutstar and the bulls and 4 mournfang out to the left of my gor.  The other two mournfang and ironblasters fitting in.  Tom’s 3 scouting Man Eaters deployed behind a hill again wide out on my left flank. 

T1 – I won the roll off and shuffled a few units, moved the chariot on the left up to threaten the maneaters – the magic phased rolled around and I had a couple of dice.. I got off a spirit leach and the flock of doom on a sabretusk and did 0 W’s a good start – I then chucked 4 dice at purplesun… double 6.. I rolled an 8 on the artillery dice and straight through the Ironguts – all 9 fell down the hole.. so a pretty epic start.  The miscast was ok I lost a few bestigor and the phase was done.

Tom almost re wracked at this stage but we played on.  Tom edged his units around, pushed two mournfang up on my right and a cat and put pressure on with his maneaters.  His characters rallied and looked to join the unit of bulls to make a “bull star”  The ironblasters did nothing this turn but he did get flame cage off on the gor which was useful. 


I looked to press the advantage again.. my chariot on the right charged the cat in front of the mournfang and the second chariot went into the maneaters.  Again I shuffled the bestigor but the gor were frozen due to flame cage.  The continuing theme of my day (that conspired to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory) was the miscast.. again 12 dice phase – 3 dice wildform on the chariot into the maneaters – miscast.. bad times.  5 dice from the pool and W’s on my wizards.  Again killing a good phase that I could have had free reign with purple sun and another two wildforms. 
The chariot on the right took out the cat and the 2 mournfang panicked, again good for me, the second chariot killed a maneater before expiring.  I was hoping it would at least hold with the wildform but it wasn’t to be. 

That was probably the end of my dominance although I didn’t know it! 

I pushed the gor up to tempt the mournfang charge and a long bull star charge.  My magic phase again was marred by a miscast that cost me a L1 beast mage with my bound spell as well.  I did get curse of anrahier off for the -1 but culd have achieved much more with the phase. 
The mournfang go into the gor but the gutstar fails the charge.  I fancied this combat to be honest and it panned out that way with two mournfang dying and breaking.  This is where I made a mistake that probably ended up leading to me losing the game.  I forgot about flame cage and pursed the mournfang – I then took a S4 hit to everyone losing 20 gor. 

T4 I then had a one real option – the gor and the bestigor go into the bulls and the characters for the win.  As I had miscast most of my spells I hadn’t been able to force Tom’s scroll and that would cost me in the magic phase as I went for the win with big savage beasts which would have given me 16 S8 attacks with hatred from the characters and help delete the unit.  I didn’t get the double 6 on 6 dice (why now?!) and the scroll came out. 
The last two turns was a grind that saw my gor break and eventually run of the table and the stubborn bestigor get ground out. 

It was well played by Tom and after I went up big early I failed to really kill him off with a couple of key mental lapses.         

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