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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arch Enemy Day 1

Just a quick rundown of day 1.... first off I’m pretty good at this pundit thing!  3 of the top 5 are lists that made my top 5 strongest.  The DE list has struggled and I might have been responsible for the WE list beating it in a really tight game in the third round but still plenty of Warhammer to go.

Game 1 should have been an easy one for me, Derrick was a great opponent but the Doombull went nuts and it turns out a doom bull with savage beasts is pretty good.. big win to me

Game 2 straight up the top to play Dan’s Daemons.  Not a game I fancied but it turned out to be a really tight game of Warhammer.  Really good game versus a great player.   Dan came out with the win and also picked up the Blood and glory so I dropped down.

Game 3
Double tree WE’s – this game in theory I fancied – probably one of the strangest games of Warhammer I’ve played, James C was a great opponent and with the moonstone in the closed list pulling out some tricks it was touch and go.  I did manage to pick up a solid win to take me up to 5th overnight with O&G’s in the morning

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