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Sunday, 20 January 2013

ArchEnemy Day Two

And what a day it was!  So close but yet so far. 

Game 4 – V Jeff Kent O&G’s
What a great game versus an awesome all goblin list (plus 1 L4 savage orc) not a game I really relished as he had the world of chaff, mangles, fanatics and war machines plus double L4 to my L1’s.  Early on it was could he foot of gork me and could I keep my doombull alive!  We actually didn’t get through all the turns but I found out what an irresistible big curse of the Bad Moon does… kills 30 Gor.. horrendous.. Doombull dies last turn to 2 failed 4+ wards losing his last two wounds.. sad panda..
Well played and a small win to Jeff

Game 5 – Paul Clarke TK’s
I joked with Paul before the game I was just going to run at him – he had Arkan the Black (L5 Death) double catapult, casket v the rush… there were so many tense moments, Arkan Caressed my S6 Bsb off and left me with no Bsb for the rest of the game, I then had to pass about 4 Ld 9 stubborn tests on rerolls with my Beastlord in the major gor combat.  In the end I rolled over him as the doombull got into a catapult, overran into Arkan’s bunker and proceeded to eat the unit, the Bsb, L4 Nek and then it came down to Arkan… 6 dice purple sun.. misfire – I’ll be fine I hope up pops the 6 (standard) and Arkan drags the doombull with him into the depths.  Great game!
Big win to me

Game 6 – Phil Wu HE’s   

This game felt like destiny… I had been bagging Peter Williamson’s HE list for ages and Phil had bought it to this event.  If I lost it would have been hard times.  It started badly with Phil having an 8 dice phase to my 2 dice and I lost 5 out of 7 mino’s quick smart.  Not good!  I just needed to push up, hindered by terrain I went 4 wide and very deep with my gor and pushed into the centre – a key turning point came when I got my Doombull into his L4 bunker – a mistake by Phil not bailing him in time.  That then gave me magic dominance as well as a fair few points.  The next mistake (and Phil admitted it) was charging his spears and lord into my gor.  He first fought the combats in the wrong order – fighting the spears first then a unit of DP’s who killed a chariot and overran into the combat.  Fight it the other way round and he gets to fight twice with the DP’s in the end it didn’t matter even 4 wide I smashed enough spearmen to win combat.  This next move cost Phil the game – he had an eagle that would have blocked me reforming into horde but in a brain explosion he moved it.  I then went 10 wide and in the next combat a L1 took the lords challenge I got double wildform off and killed all the DP’s and most of the spears – Bsb pops but the lord gets away.  He rallied but I get to charge 40 ish Gor into 8 spears and Lord.  It was then my turn to make a massive mistake (the main one I made all tournament) that cost me the max 32 point win and the podium.  His Lord challenges – I have no need to accept I’m going to delete the unit and his lord anyway with the Gor but I do with my Lord – Wildformed T6 beastlord I10 sword so he doesn’t reroll I should be fine.  As it was closed lists he pops the talisman of Loec – 3 hits – 3 W’s I fail 3 wards and due to the scenario costs me 600VP’s?  I still won the game 2400VP’s ish to around 950 but it ended up costing me 3rd at least and possibly a shot at 2nd.  A big learning point not to get carried away! 

Still I came joint 4th (waiting on the decider from the T.O) with the first tournament with the beasts.  4W’s and 2 losses overall.  I will have a rundown of my Doombulls exploits at some point as he killed the world and only died twice out of 6 games while collecting 2 BsB’s 3 L4 wizards, assorted bunkers, warmachines and a stonehorn and treeman.
Well done to Tom VR taking it out! 
Tom VR:  1st OK
Dan Butler:  2nd Daemons
Jef Kent:  3rd O&G’s

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  1. It was a great game with plenty of swings. Great to meet yall and look forward to having a re-match.

    Cheers. Jeff