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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Battle of the Blogs!

So with Equinox fast approaching and only one question on anyone’s mind…. (Well maybe not!)  Who will win the battle of the blogs and finish highest out of the self-styled Warhammer celebrities?

I give you the challengers to this lofty title as Blog Champion… There can only be one…..  There are certainly no chumps in this list and I would expect us all bar collapse to be up around the top tables battling it out.    

James Brown “The People’s Champion” NZ Hammered – none other than me.. . The esteemed writer of this blog.  My goals for Equinox – I would view a top 5 finish as a great result given the field.  I feel confident enough in my gaming ability/list that if I can play well and eliminate some of the small mental errors it is achievable.  As Pete rightly says it’s time for me to perform on the big stage after two 1st places at smaller tournaments and 3rd at NZTC the time in now…        

A very solid tournament player and despite his last round capitulation v. none other than NZ Hammered I would expect Sam to be there abouts come the final rounds on Sunday.  Likely unleashing his favoured Waaagh on the Auckland scene as well as his Youtube videos I will see you on the field of battle bro!

Tim is bringing his ETC army after what can only described as smashing face with it at NZTC (his team couldn’t match his pace).  The Chaos Dwarfs as well as being a powerful army can also catch people out with unfamiliarity with the rules.  Don’t worry Tim I have the CD book as bedtime reading from now until Equinox!     
Rory what can I say?  Fellow Nerdymen, legend and all round enigma.  Despite his ploy that he is bringing Empire I very much expect Rory to be unleashing “Lordy” on unsuspecting tournament players… I have to say his charge round the hall at NZTC was priceless.  Sure to be battling it out on the top tables. 
A newcomer to the NZ scene who I had the pleasure of playing at ArchEnemy.  A solid player who is bringing a new list to Equinox in the skink cloud lizards.  This could either be a genius move or backfire as they are an army that requires constant concentration around flee angles and movement and I believe Jeff is fairly new to them.

If I've missed you out, you have an NZ Blog and are playing give me a shout!  



  1. This is so on like donkey kings schlong!

    1. Damn it. Stupid iPad, KONG!

    2. Lol, Donkey King, it sounds like some kind of crap parallel import.

      And yeah the giant flaw in my plan is I've only played 3 games involving Lizardmen. There's gonna be a lot of geometry practice over the next two weeks.

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