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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Equinox – breakdown

So I came 8th – disappointing for me personally as I had targeted top 5 and was well on course to achieve this unit my last round game (we’ll get to that!).  Still a good result in the context of the field which was strong and my schedule, I played 1st 3rd, 7th and 9th as well as Tom VR who had a nightmare last two games in back to back Chaos Dwarves. 

Game 1:
Tim Joss – Chaos Dwarves
This was a game that I felt was a tough match up.  Tim’s list was packed full of multi wound war machines and magic that could spell the end for a gutstar.  I did however have a plan – I deployed my ogres 1 wide.. I then was lucky to get first turn taking off the magma cannon with a 2D6 fireball and putting an ironblaster through a death shrieker.. great start.  We then played 3 or 4 turns of chase the kadaii and me trying to stop it getting into my mournfang.  Tight game, 10-10 which I would have taken all day before the game. 

Game 2: 


Stephen  - Skaven
This was round was going to be the most luck of the draw.  I drew Stephen who’s list on paper could have been tricky for me.  Double wheel, cannon and skaven toys.  However this was a huge mismatch in experience and I knew it was a 20-0 after deployment.  Stephen was a great opponent and took it very well as I removed his army and we called it after 3 turns.

Game 3:
Paul Clarke – TK’s
Paul is a fellow Nerdymen and we have played a few times.  Paul knew early that this was a bad match up for him and the king of hill scenario didn’t help him.  We spoke about it after the game and he agreed he make a mistake taking Doom and Darkness over Purple Sun on his L4.  I see why he did it but I would have taken purple sun and been six dicing it at me every turn.  Paul played well and picked up my mournfang after they failed a charge into his necro knights and soulbighted them, but then I got the counter charge and picked up both units plus the hill.  I backed off and didn’t risk the death snipes and picked up a 14-6 win to continue to build.

Game 4 –
Tom VR Ogres
Tom is another fellow Nerdymen and had beaten me in the mirror match at NZTC.  I felt I had the edge list wise with the Tyrant and the double firebelly but that was soon undone as I “sucked off” my own firebelly T1 on a 3D6 cast of flaming sword taking 2 ironguts with him.  I then got lucky and put a cannon ball through his ironblaster doing 6W’s.  Tom wasn’t going to run at me, I tried a few things but we ended up picking off points in another tight game for a 10-10 to set myself up for day 2.  


Game 5 –
Ryan Simister – WOC
Meeting Engagement – I’d never played Ryan but I felt I had the edge in this match up due to his build. His DP really looked vulnerable with only a 4+save and the 5+ward.  I tested this first turn with a 2D6 fireball first – I was massively surprised when he let it go as he only has 4 T5 W’s.  Needless to say I did 5 wounds and Ryan failed all his saves.  Yes I was lucky to kill it but he had deployed it in the open and I could have put the funblaster through it as well.  From here it was really about not making a mistake.  I frenzy baited one unit of crushers with a dog and then the combat was on.  This was always going to go bad for Ryan from T1 and a double 1 break test on his 3+ward bsb kept him alive and allowed Ryan to keep some points.  15-5 win to me. 

Game 6 –
Dan Bulter – WOC
I had set myself up for a chance to podium I was actually probably sitting 3rd going into the last round due to Dan’s paint hit.  I have to say in hindsight I massively underestimated the Nurgle Chariots in Dan’s list.  The L4 metal DP also worried me.  I wanted to push for it as with Ross v Tim on Table 1 I could have snuck into second with a win.  Dan had other ideas!  While my dice did desert me it was more than that and Dan’s list was actually ideally built to take out ogres.  I got stuck on his chariots and crushers, couldn’t break them and then got flanked and taken off.  Massive win to Dan and the first time I have lost 20-0 in ages.  Dan is a great player and that’s 2-1 to you mate!  We will meet again! 

The event itself was unfortunately disjointed due to the timings and venue change.  This came about by a council mistake but it did put real time pressures on for players who are either new or have armies that take time to play/set up.  I saw some players having to down dice after 3 or 4 turns.  Not ideal.  I was lucky I play fast but also I have a smaller army.  The comp was the comp although I did have a whinge about the Chalice ruling to Phil it was fine.  Overall I had a good time catching up with the out of town guys, the top warhammer Celeb award, well done Tim.... ha ha and just playing Warhammer!  Thanks to all my opponents and I will be coming to a battlefield near you soon....         


  1. Did the chalice have any real effect on our game? I didn't think so. I was real happy with the outcome of our game, I had not faced Ogres before with my CD and learnt a lot!

    1. If the chalice has no impact Tim then surely you should play it as has been the case in 99% of tournaments around the world - i.e. no mid spell use

      The only reason why you wouldn't is because to play it otherwise DOES have an impact.

      Sorry but I'm not buying the Kool-Aid that it is no biggie. Every major jurisdiction in the world is playing it one way and you want to play it another and then say it has no impact...really?

    2. In terms of winning or losing the game no, it didn’t have that impact in our game but it fundamentally changed the way I had to manage my phase especially on magic defence. Probably the best illustration was your last turn when you threw 3 or 4 dice at a spell I would have let go but I had to chuck my dice as I knew I would have lost them if I’d tried to stop the next spell you could have Chaliced away my dice. That then allowed you get ash storm off to stop my bulls charging your centaur and then 1 dice the snipe spell and chip wounds off my BsB.