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Monday, 22 April 2013

New High Elves Ho!!!

Well to say I'm pumped about the New HE's would be an understatement.  Having played them since 4th ed in around 1992 it's fair to say I'd gotten a little stale of them in 8th.  From what I have seen so far of the new release it looks to be the best (in my unbiased opinion in 8th so far).  

A little tidbit - this is the rider for the Phoenix assembled on foot - looks like a new new Lord level character the Anointed of Asuryan.. Enjoy


  1. Good luck BuyNow, maybe this is the army to take you to the podiums, Ogres were not the magic bullet, maybe the Everqueen will show you the way :)

    1. Skaven were the magic ticket to the podium bro - twice.. ha ha. I'm going to be playing the ogres all year so we'll see as they are painted. ,y HE's are my first army and I'd love them even if they were underpowered to be honest

  2. I would have preferred the characters that ride Phoenix's to be hero level rather than lord level. As it makes it hard to fit in under 600pts along with the Lvl 4 Archmage. Maybe we will see Caradyan taken more if it is true he can ride the frost phoenix, as he is a hero.

  3. hero level would have been good, take a LoreMaster instead know's all 8 Sig spells! Caradryan does indeed ride a frost phoenix not sure if they have elevated him to Lord Status but it is an option out of the kit to make him.

  4. It does sound like not having a L4 will be viable. HE still get the +1 to Dispel. The option of having a spell for every occasion is very tempting and unique in 8th so far!
    As basically the only 8th edition force to not have access to MI/MC of some description, HE could shape up to be the tacticians army. Elite MSU here we come. 1 more week.