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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

TBM – Tauranga Fantasy Open

What is TBM?  Probably one of the best small Warhammer tournaments on the scene (has nothing to do with the fact I won the last one..).  With an onsite bar, a refreshing no comp change and a great night life on offer in the Mount this really is a cracking weekend away.  You also get some good games of Warhammer in v good players, and also some chump bashes v the locals! 

This is on the 18th and 19th of May and I would really recommend it.  I will be there with most of Team NZ Hammered from NZTC and would love to see you guys there.

For more info get in touch with Blair the T.O for more info.  


  1. Wish our local WFB gamers looked that good. Just can't see Neil pulling it off in a bikini.


    1. that is just the local barmaid relaxing after an evening of serving beers to thirsty gamers...

    2. I assume this is what she looks like after all the Beers, rather than before them?

    3. mate they really look like that in one bar which is why we keep going back!