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Sunday, 26 May 2013

NICON first round break down

Jeff the T.O and also the spare player had made the draw so I thought I would do a bit of a rundown of how I see the 1st round going based on the lists/match up’s. 

Round 1 Draw:

Table 1: Dan Butler vs. Darren Butler

There is one real threat to Dan’s dragon in this list the Ironblaster, Dan has two hellcannons for the counter barrage.  If Dan’s dragon can survive the funblaster Darren is in big trouble.  With no gut star the bulls are easy meat for Dan’s list. 

Dan B 16-4 W (that’s going to get confusing...)

Table 2: Pete Dunn vs. Mike King

Regular sparing partners Pete and Mike know each other very well.  Pete is obviously a very good play as is Mike but Mike has the list advantage in this one.  Both are fairly cautious in play style so I see Mike getting a small win here.

Mike King14-6 W

Table 3: Nick Munn vs. Simon Switzer

This is an interesting one, dwarf gunline v Skaven toys and Storm Banner.  This really could go big either way depending on the odd variance.  I’ll give this one to the bearded ones... (what am I saying..)

Simon 11-9 W

Table 4: Rob Sadler vs Brian Smith

On paper this one is massively in Brian’s favour.  His list has the tools to wreck Rob’s list played well.  Double hydra and the two combat blocks could really do a number.  So based on the match up

Brian 16-4 W

Table 5: James Brown vs James Cardno

I’m sure James is keen to get his revenge after I beat him at Tauranga 14-6.  The DP is tough but I think I have the edge in experience over James.  Played tightly I should be able to eek out another win. 

James B 12-8 W

Table 6: Jeff Kent vs Neil Williamson

This is an interesting one, Jeff pushing a real combat lizard list v a combat dwarf list... Neil still has two cannons and an organ gun so this could be a tough one but if Jeff can get there it will be tough for Neil.

Jeff W12-8


  1. Ah yes, classic Butler vs Butler. But who will be serving, and who will be served...

    1. Bro, were you in some Tauranga comic/hobby store yesterday?


    2. lol yup - playing the X-Wingz... were you playing as well?

    3. Na was up for the weekend with the misses and smelt the nerd shop, thought it was you but wasn't too sure

    4. Oh! I only just realised that Token = Mal. THE Mal. What a coincidence that you were there! I didn't even see you :) Will hopefully catch you again at a WFB tourney.

  2. I thought there was a grudge match in the first round...?

  3. I am the superior Butler! I will show this on the field of battle once and for all!

    1. it will be decided.. one thing is certain a Butler will emerge victorious..

  4. I feel as though you are factoring in my never having played against dwarves before in making your prediction.

    Any advice?

    1. hope he can't roll 4+ to shoot his cannons at your abomb, wheel...and hope the storm banner stays up for a while. Baring that a pillow is good..