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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Too much of a good thing

Well HE’s have been with us for a little under a week and we have had cries of broken, new power book and everything in between.  What has surprised me has been the reaction of some of the HE players (Pete I actually agree with you on this one -). 

This book is a huge step up from the 7th book that was flagging pretty badly as more of the 8th Ed books came out.  We now have a book that is well pointed, has strong options in all the slots - who used to spend any more than 200 points in rare on 4 eagles?  Pete W I’m not counting you because your list was maverick.  I can see 500 points in rares in most HE’s lists now, we have new character slots, new core options and new special choices.  Rather than rejoice it seems some HE players are moaning already that it’s over costed (despite an almost universal points drop)and how hard done by they are.  It seems you just can’t please some people and Nerds seem to be the hardest of all.

I for one am really enthused about the new book, the old book had really sapped my enjoyment of HE’s as it was just spears or archers in core and the list hadn't really changed since I had picked them up in 4th ed. 

So after divergence to WE’s, Beastmen, WOC, Ogres and Skaven I’m excited to get the HE’s back out.  So stop crying HE players and learn to accept the mantle thrust upon us as having a good book and the expectation that comes with that.           


  1. In my perception I see the High Elf book as a fantastic representation of power level.
    I think it will play well balanced game and provides solid/strong choices throughout the book, to the point were the book is balance within itself and each choice has equal opportunity to provide something to a list.
    Which is more than what can be said for most other books which seem to have so many must take and must exclude options.

    Also dont listen to the internet
    "it's full of people who haven't actually read the rules properly" - Mr. Fry