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Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Lothern Sky Cutter – wind beneath my wings

The Lothern Sky Cutter – wind beneath my wings

Over the next few weeks I’m going to cover certain units in the HE book that are either new or have been written off as “unusable” by certain HE players on the forums.  The amount of negativity by HE players has astounded me and the amount of pretty ridiculous opinions.  Anyway enough of that onto the Sky Cutter, I’ll also cover the High Helm option and the Eagle Eye option. 

I’ll start from the top – the High Helm mounted on Sky Cutter.  On the surface an option people have largely ignored or written off.  He is 100 points… why not buy a noble etc.  Well if you want a noble buy a noble.  No one is making you take this guy.  I have however written a couple of lists where I can see a use and a role for this guy.  As your BsB mounted in a Sky Cutter - the whole model picks up a 4+ ward v shooting – pretty nice for the points.  One point everyone seems to ignore about the S/C is that is flies.  Yes it has Tiranoc Chariot stats but it can move 10 over enemy units so can’t be chaffed or blocked up.  This gives you tremendous flexibility and this applies to all variants.  The ability to charge 10 swiftstride with impacts, BsB + charge as well is also a nice benefit in the right build cornering into combats or even flanking.  I can see him with the Golden Crown, Reaver bow in a list containing a star dragon, double phoenix and other sky cutters or eagle nobles.  With a reaver core you can really direct your attack where you need to go.  And with a Star Dragon and 2 Phoenix are people really shooting your BsB?  Not for every list – but certainly not a dead duck either.

The basic sky cutter – 95 points – 25 points more than a Tiranoc but again as above has the fly ability…. This can be used as I see it in a number of roles.  War machine protection – this can guard flanks and bolt throwers from units such as shades, camo skinks etc. as well as fast cav, and other units such as sabretusks that are hunting your war machines with the roc as well plus impacts and 3 ASF attacks on the charge this will wreck those units.

It can also use the ability to fly over chaff, blocking units and get behind the lines into the backfield or allow you to fight two rounds of combat in certain situations by charging over the top of chaff and into units behind and then letting the ground based unit overrunning to fight again.  All good uses of the Sky Cutter.  While it may not be a 1+ in every list I can really see it being useful.

The Sky Cutter with Eagle Eye upgrade – again this has been slammed but it can fulfil the flank, chaff and war machine protection role of it’s cheaper cousin but also has a S5 no armour save bolt thrower that is a really nice option in the monstrous cav meta. Yes it suffers the -1  if it moves but you can remain static at long range and then move 10 into short range to always be hitting on 4’s.  You can also move into position for flank shots and even if you are chipping wound off skull crushers or mourfang this is nothing to sneeze at.  And don’t forget if needed it is a S5 chariot that can buy you time, redirect a unit or just cause issues without giving up too many points. 

Overall I really like the Sky Cutter and can see myself picking a couple up to add to my list.  The fly rule really shouldn't be underestimated and it can be an interesting piece to the HE Army.  I’d be interested to get your thoughts. 

Bit of a brain dump for a Friday afternoon but hopefully something useful in their as well!                     

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