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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hobby Wobbles

Maybe it is the winter blues, or the promise of new shinny toys but I just can’t seem to get excited about my HE’s at the moment.  The new book is good, a good refresh for the HE’s but I am not bothered to write lists, don’t really feel enthused about painting them or playing them.  I still like the army but maybe the play style or something about them is putting me off.  My progress on them has slowed to a crawl.  I spent probably 3 hours staring at a White Lion and doing a couple of wash/layers. 

They are still my first Warhammer army but maybe like old girlfriends it’s never the same when you go back?  They have lost some of the excitement for me… 

Necromunda has probably come out of this and I’m looking forward to my gang arriving from the UK.  This will hopefully give me a diversion. 

However my main hobby time has always been Warhammer… I can feel a Siren Song pulling me in a strange and unknown direction… 

The Keeper of Secrets has always been my favoured Greater Daemon – you can keep Nurgle I mean the rewards are not great are they?!  Khorne – a bit dull… Tzenntch meh but the Prince of Chaos..

I keep scanning Ebay.. looking at the old school Rogue Trade Keeper that has always been one of my favourite GW models ever..

To make way for this possible purchase – I’m going to have to make some tough calls.. I picked up an Empire army is a Trade – this might have to go, as well as the Mierce Mini WOC kick starter I foolishly bought…

Could an all Slannesh list work?  I think so… It has risks – if the Keeper dies early you’ve probably lost but I think it would be extremely fun/challenging to play.  A full Slannesh list would also give me plenty of hobby scope for a striking theme, unit fillers and something a bit different..

I’ve said too much.. I can sense the Sword Masters coming to drag me away as a member of the Cult of Pleasure..   


  1. Chase that Dragon James, chase it!

  2. Can't find any high elf filth on the net hard enough...? Slaneesh demons would be epic and quicker to paint.