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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

KiwiHammer is born

So I wanted to share some big news KiwiHammer NZ’s first WHFB Podcast is coming!  I will be joining the cast as a co-host along with Jeff “Lizardmen C&nt” Kent, Sam Whitt, Locky Reid and Sam Campbell.  We aim to bring a uniquely Kiwi twist to Warhammer podcasting. 

As part of this I will be wrapping up my standalone NZHammered blog and moving all of the content/posts moving forward onto where you will not only be able to read my ramblings but that of the rest of the Kiwihammer boys as well. 

Our first test cast is up!  This is pure unedited stream without any breaks or music but if you want to have a listen go for it.  We are aiming to record Episode 1 – “The Horned Gobbo” next week for your listening pleasure.

Thanks for everyone’s comments and support on NZHammered and I look forward to seeing you all over on the new site.
Cheers James “Sexiest Man in Warhammer” 

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