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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Necromunda – A return to the Under Hive

For those of you too young to remember Necromunda is a game of fierce combat between rival gang fighters in the dangerous underworld of the Necromundan hives.  I would go as far as to say that it was one of my favourite GW games growing up alongside Epic, Bloodbowl and of course Warhammer.

“A hive is an ancient and incomprehensibly vast city, built up layer upon layer, stretching ten miles into the planet’s atmosphere. To those who live in the depths the dark and ruinous Underhive offers every
opportunity for wealth and power. Its collapsed caverns conceal the riches of the distant past: rare and precious metals, unfathomable archeotech devices, wondrous
mutated fungi and much more.

It is also a place of danger, where mutant creatures, renegades and killers
hide from the laws of House and Hive. And, of course, there are others who want the riches of the Underhive
for themselves.”

Spurred on by a number of factors, desire to avoid Warhammer competitive burnout, to recapture lost childhood memories of a great game and to do something different in the “Hobby” myself and a few other gamers John W, James C among others will be starting a gang campaign in the coming weeks.  If anyone is keen to find out more about the game you can download the rules from the specialist section of the GW website.

The main protagonists are six rival “Houses” who fight for control of the Underhive.  You also get other players such as the Redemptionists “Burn the Heretic”, Ratskins and Scavies.  You choose and equip your gang on an individual basis and they gain skills and experience as they go (much the same way as Bloodbowl works.) As the 40K Universe really appeals to me but I have no desire to put 10 fliers and tanks on a 6”by4” table the game allows me to get my round base pew, pew ,pew fix in a cool way. 

I will be doing campaign updates etc. as we get underway and will also be making some terrain to make up the Under Hive.  On that note if anyone has any of the old classic bulk heads and would be willing to part with them let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. It is the nuts! My brain has gone into overload with the terrain possibilities - toxic sludge pools, gantries, towers.. ruins

    2. Waiting for Secret weapon stuff to go on retail so I can get urban streetscapes, and maybe some of the new dreadzone sprue scenery.

  2. Sounds cool mate. I have some Ratskins if anyone is keen on them.