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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

To Comp or not to Comp - SCGT Skaven list

To Comp or not to Comp - SCGT Skaven list

So comp seems to be a hot issue at the moment, I really will play under any comp unless it is really silly but I do like variety.  I am happy with Pete-lite as a Welly standard and think it is solid.  But I am also looking at other options for events up in Auckland as our comp scene is in fairness pretty divided.  So I have really looked into SCGT which I like the look off.   I’m not trying to troll skaven players in any way (we are all very one-eyed about our own armies) and I was told that SCGT pretty much means leave Skaven/Lizards at home. 

So with that in mind I have just over my lunch break come up with this skaven list that fits under the SCGT comp.  I might be the odd point out here and there but I would genuinely be interested in feedback.  I have written what I still think is a very hard list, if somewhat different from the standard Bell list.  Yes I’ve had to make a few concessions (no 13th on the Seer, but this is incrreassinly not as good with so much monstrous cav etc. and no abomb but I do have two wheels!!)      
So the list has a lot of the standard elements and still has a Seer, a Bell, Stormbanner, slave blocks, doomrocket, two wheels and a cannon.. 

With the spare points I have added the twin tower of the furnace with the plague monk unit which I really like the look off.  The wheels could be a nightmare with all the WOC running around and pretty much gives you two mobile warp lightning cannons.  You still have the assassin and the Bell is still hard to shift. 

Looking for some feedback on this.  As I would feel happy taking this list and that I could be competitive in every game. 

1         Grey Seer        lord       Screaming Bell General, Ruin, Plague   Earthing rod, skalm
1         Chieftain          hero     Bsb,              
1         Plague Priest    hero     Furnace           , dispel scroll
1         Warlock Engineer hero  15 Doom Rocket
1         Assassin          hero     Weeping Blades, potion of strength
37       Stormvermin    Core    full command , storm banner
40       Slaves  Core    musician, pawleader                         
40       Slaves  Core    musician, pawleader                         
20       Clan Rats         Core    sheilds, full command                       
35       Plauge Monks   special  full command                       
1         Pack Master     Core    5 rats                       
1         Pack Master     core     5 rats                       
1         warp lightning cannon   rare                                              
1         doom wheel     rare                                              
1         doom wheel     rare                                     


  1. I missed off the Plauge Banner on the Monks - it is in. 30 points of goodness

  2. So a bunch of Skaven/Lizard players are crying cause they can't bring all their broken toys to the party? The latest SCGT pack is pretty good overall. Still flexible enough but takes the edge of the some of the more overpower combos

  3. Looks like a standard skaven list minus 1 or 2 things. Still hard as nails.

    1. I think it's still pretty hard in my opinion. Double wheel would be pretty solid v WOC

  4. (This post buries the lede... Paragraph 2 is where its at)

    You lose finishing power without the 13th and the hellpit, and the doomwheels are both much squishier (4+ armour, woo!) and provide much less consistent damage output post-charge than the HPA. The monks cannot fight their way out of a wet paper bag, even with the plague banner, and the furnace helps most on the charge... the whole thing is a one trick pony (esp. against high armour targets). So I would worry that you get conflicting imperatives in this army, from rushing with monks to holding off and shooting with bell and wheels (your seer isn't set up for combat, after all). You also have much less magic missile potential (priest doesn't pull ruin spells, no magic on engineer).

    All that said, it is still hard, as you say. The worry is only, is it hard compared to what other things can take under the comp? So, WoC as an example seem to be able to take the exact lists that are wrecking face now, no changes, while skaven lists which already lose to them (at least when I am throwing the dice) are weakened further.

    I'm not convinced the balance between the lists is maintained in SCGT, but I don't think there is any particular issue with the balance within the skaven army, say. Part of this is that people have only been tweaking the new filth for a little while, and have been tweaking lizards/skaven for ages, so the SCGT folk know exactly what to hit in skaven/lizards, but it isn't so clear what is OP in the newer books. This leads to the effect of comp being uneven, in favour of the new.

    I'd play a tourney with these rules, and probably still take rats (because I won't finish painting demons, unless I start doing much more than I have been recently). It would be a much weaker list than under pete-lite, but that is kind of the point, right?