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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Equinox 2013

An equinox occurs twice a year (around 20 March and 22 September), when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the centre of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth's equator. 

So this year NZ’s gaming Equinox is fast approaching and hot on the heels of NZTC I’ve had to move past that and resume focus on an all comers list for the open format.  It will see many of NZ’s top players descend on Auckland with Pete coming up from Wellington to defend his title from last year.  Can we find a champion from Auckland to hold off this Wellington domination?  Until lists are actually out it’s going to be pretty hard to get an accurate prediction (2 out of 3 at ArchEnemy and all of the top 4 at NZTC) but I’m going to chat a little about a few of the top players that I’m planning around playing if I want to podium.     

Pete Dunn – It’s hard to look much past Pete as the man to beat coming into this.  He is NZ’s number 1 ranked player and with skaven or ogres is a tough proposition.  Despite him dodging me at NZTC if you are pushing for a podium you’ll likely to have to play Pete. 

Tom VR – Tom comes into this with a great run of form, an NZ ETC rep last year and now pushing the ogres he comes off wins at Arch Enemy and not dropping a game at NZTC on the way to 2nd place with the Nerdymen.  I played Tom at NZTC and lost out in the Ogre match something I’m going to have to rectify this time around.

Tim Joss – Selected to play for NZ ETC this year, NZ Masters participant and highest VP scorer at NZT at the weekend you better have a plan for playing his Chaos Dwarf list or else don’t expect to be gracing the top tables.  I expect Tim to be bringing a list that fits under ETC comp as he builds for later in the year.

Dan Butler – always the bridesmaid never the bride.. Expect Dan to be pushing hard for 2nd place (the phrase was coined by Rory Butlerism) always coming second.  All jokes aside I expect Dan anther NZ ETC player from last year to be leading his Daemons in a last hurrah before the new book.  If you don’t know how to deal with Siren Song you better find out fast.    
There is also a group of very solid players just under this group that will all be fighting it out in what is one of the toughest fields we will see this year. 

Rory F – his mental toughness was questioned but he stood up at NZTC also a Masters participant
John W – a team mate at NZTC JW I think has really benefited with his Lizards getting thrown under the bus and is now working towards big wins
Ant Kitson – another NZTC team mate who didn’t drop a game at the weekend and former Master – he has the bit between his teeth with the Brets
Simon Kwok – Aus Master’s participant
Write these guys off at your peril – old they maybe, grumpy also – Mike King, Reid Pittmans,
Ross HJ (I had to put Ross in here as he would have moaned even though he is a chump!) 

Let me know your thoughts on who you think I have written off/missed out!  Lists will of course change things.

There can only be one...


  1. Replies
    1. I didn’t see your name on the entrants list! Plus I’d written you off after your last round collapse at NZTC ha ha

    2. If you call Ant gettiong off 2 11" dice charges and passing a ld 3 break test a collapse.

    3. that's what is was built to do! Massive charges

  2. Replies
    1. Just'd be wasting your money backing me!

    2. I’m not backing you Pete! I’m just saying you are going to have to be accounted for on the top tables if someone wants to win it!

  3. Tom did drop his game to me at NZTC, taking one for the team so the rest could get massive wins. Good team play here! I am expecting 20+ WOC players in the field. Who knows what the new book will bring to the meta.

    Only a fool would count out Pete, unless he is not coming!

    1. I don’t think anyone will count Pete out (unless they are really new) and don’t know who Pete is and in that case it’s all over for them anyway! There will be a few WOC players for sure, Ross HJ but no one is worried about him, Glenn T one of the Simister’s and I’m sure a few more I don’t know of. I does depend on how many new toys they can get painted in time!

    2. Im not sure which Tom you played but it wasnt me Tim.

    3. think he meant Tom Dunn, obviously your reputation doesn't proceed you..

    4. Yeah sorry I got my toms mixed up! My bad. I should really read things twice before posting. I don't even think tom the master is coming. Hopefully we get a chance to meet on the battlefield TVR so you can school me in the ways of the ETC

    5. I’m sure you guys will get to get acquainted at Equinox.