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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NZTC Wrap Up - Glory and Lament

NZTC Wrap Up - Glory and Lament

NZ Hammered (A.K.A Team D.I.L.F)
What a weekend!  Again thanks to the TO’s, Pete (I guess!) and all our opponents over the weekend.  Most of you rolled over as planned, thanks Von Trapps.. but several of you put up stiff competition to prevent the run to final glory!

My team! 

I won’t break down everyone’s lists as I’ve already posted them here.  We gelled really as a team over the weekend and it was a key in the result.

Ant Kitson – Ant took a double treb list Bret list that was set to pick up big wins.  Based on our match up spreadsheet we managed to manoeuvred Ant into some favourable match up’s.  He didn’t disappoint and didn’t drop a game over the tournament.  A great tactician and a funny team mate.

John Willenbruch – John was taking a skink cloud into this one with a party Light Slann.  It was is solid list but JW would be first to admit he felt short of games coming in.  He stood up massively over the weekend and showed what a quality player he is never leaking many points when chucked under the bus and picking up massive wins for us in round 4 and 6 to keep us in the podium hunt.

Glenn Tibbles – Glenn was taking the last ride of the old WOC book with Gateway FTW.. Glenn was a great team member and took whatever I gave him in the match up process without complaint.  Legend, who pulled out a massive 19-1 last round to cap at 60 points and secure the podium

Me – I took an Ogre list that was again hopefully set up for the big wins.  I actually only got 2 games with it before NZTC and I would make changes in hindsight.  One highlight for me was how well heavens works with the ogres – overall  think it gives them more than Maw and I got scrolls turn 1 5/6 six games 4 dice comet anyone..  


Round 1 Capital Crusaders

First out of the hat were our friends from across the ditch the Capital Crusaders.  These guys were a bit of an unknown quantity but I think suffered a massive hit when their highest ranked player and Dark Elf player couldn’t make it.  Stu from Welly I believe stepped up at short notice.

The match up’s went really well for us and we were happy with the results
Ant v Stu with Beastmen
JW v Julian with his Empire
Glenn v Tony with his TK’s
Me v the flying Bret list of Ben Haliday

No one in my team wanted to play the flying circus so I stepped up in what I thought could be a tricky game.  I think the comp environment across the ditch didn’t help the Aussies and we got up across the board in this round maxing out at 60 points.  Ant took the Beastmen off 20-0 I shot off the Bret Peg lord turn 1 and then spent the next 6 turns trying not to get dwellers off the board and picking up the rest of his army for an 18-2.  I lost my Bsb turn 1 to dwellers and it gave me a few nervous moments!  JW and Glenn both picked up solid wins! The bus was rolling!   

Stuffed Kangaroo
Round 2 The Von Trapps

Clash of the Titans early!  I had dished out the smack talk pretty well on twitter so now was time to back it up... To be honest I was pretty confident we had the edge on the VT’s with our lists and I looked to play on them underestimating us (I’m not sure if they did or not!).  The match up’s really went our way –

Ant v Joe Dixon with WOC
JW v Pete’s Ogres
Glenn v Tom Dunn DOC
Me v the Dark Elves of Jack

I think first off as Pete admitted Joe had Ant down as a big win to him, that wasn’t going to happen and we had it as a big win for Ant as his busses out charge Joe’s knights and have massive res.  That allowed me to get Jack’s Dark Elves which I wanted and JW and Glenn to try and limit Pete and Tom picking up points.  It couldn’t have gone better for us really, Glenn holding Tom to an awesome 9-11 and John doing taking his Captain’s orders and stopping Pete picking up big points.  Ant then showed Joe that he is the “gouda master” by setting him up a treat for the 18-2 win.  Jack had I think been thrown under the bus but held me really well early with good play and some luck.. his L4 poking my firebelly to death in the eye springs to mind.. However my mournfang broke his peg rider after he charged and that allowed me to get the short charge into the Black Guard on my terms.  Harmonic Convergence and ice shard later 20 dead in 1 round – rinse and repeat and the next turn 30 spears in a round.  It went South quick for Jack after that and I picked up the 18-2.  Great guy and took it really well. 

Victory!! 50 point win and smack talk backed up We were flying at this point and had picked up 110-120 possible tournament points

To be continued...  


  1. It sounds like Joe was the scape goat for the von Trapps round two choke.

    Will he be stripped of is Dunnage, and have to go back to being a Dixon? Poor thing, how traumatising, being a reject Dunn

    1. Sorry Antony....what does it say on your medal?

    2. Zing...

      We've all been eating a cloud of Dunn dust from one Dunn or another at just about every tourney we go to. There are the occasional exceptions I am very glad to say. What really sucks is being pipped by the Nerdys.

    3. We did have the toughest strength of schedule playing 1st 2nd and 4th over the weekend..

  2. It was that or Jack's match up app but I think we can put this one down to human error!