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Saturday, 9 February 2013

NZTC Top 3 Teams... and the bunny pick

1:  The Von Trapp Family
With a mix of youth and experience, NZ’s current No1 ranked player and the current NZ Master and with their families telepathic link the Von Trapp’s have to go into this event as favourites.  Tom is bring a very strong triple letter list with a high chaff count, Pete is using a solid Ogre list, Jack is leading an underrated DE list and last but not least an interesting WOC list from Joe.  With so much expectation could they be the wargaming version of the NZ Warriors?  All the flair and talent but can’t deliver under pressure?  We will see!

2: Grumpy Old Men
With an average team age of 214 there is a fair amount of collective Warhammer wisdom in this group.  Can they bring it all together?  With a Pappa Nurgle list, Dark Elves and Lizards they have three solid lists that can pick up wins, added into that is a dwarf gun line to take out difficult matches for the team. 

3: Nerdymen
The Nerdymen are the up and coming team bringing good form and ETC experience into this event.  Captained by Tom VR I expect this team to be well drilled and to reign in some of their more reckless instincts... With Daemons, Ogres, a Vampire bus and a very good HE list in the right match up’s this team has the tools.  While Rory’s mental toughness has been questioned I expect him to head into this focused..Creatures of the night... Time will tell! 

In a field where double letters are fairly fluffy... triple letters being the norm it was tough to pick a bunny team as the field is extremely tough.  However I’m not going to sit on the fence and I think with their combo of Wood Elves... Vampires, Ogres and Daemons Team Cut the Mustard might not quite cut the mustard so to speak.  

In the end I am expecting to lead Team NZ Hammered to glory...


  1. Well the Nerdymens' Master of Self Publicity looks like he crashed and burned at OTT

  2. I think Rory’s Lord was keen to return to the grave in all but one game including down a hole twice.

    1. Well next time he should play better...shouldn't he?

    2. Ha ha shit yarns Pete! I'll try and angle my wrist a certain way so I can get the dice results I need! Anyway, the tournament was a good blow out and upon reflection the week end was actually really beneficial. I have a new vigour and Lordy has a new rigour...

  3. That is some very sound advice Pete. I'll try and play better over the weekend

  4. That is sage advice Pete. I like to quote Sun Tzu “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” I know I’m amazing and the other teams are all chumps guaranteed victory right?