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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Magnetic basing techniques

After a couple of requests on how I do my magnetic bases I thought I’d do a step by step guide.  In between trying to write a WOC list with the new book I have been magnetising my ogres.

Step 1 – the movement tray – I used MDF laser cut ones provided by Mark Woods up in Auckland.  He cuts them exactly to requirements and they come in one piece. He also knows that I fit metal sheet in the bottom so he leaves me a few extra mm’s depth.  You can use GW trays at a pinch but I prefer the mdf ones.

Step 2 -     
I order A4 flexible metal sheets from OG games in the UK (I haven’t sourced a local supplier yet) I then cut these to fit in the trays - they come with adhesive backs but I also use some super glue to make sure it sticks tight.  The magnets on the bases have a decent pull so it is needed. 

Step 3 –
This is the finished looking tray I then just pva and add sand to the sides/top and then once dried I then reapply watered PVA to bond the sand.  This is sprayed, painted and flocked as the normal process. 

I used 6mm rare earth magnets – also sourced from OG Games in the UK although you can get them from Trademe.  Using epoxy putty I made a small ball of putty stick it to the bottom of the base and insert the magnet into the putty.  I then use a flat surface (my painting tile) to push the base flush with.  See pic – this then sets rock hard overnight.

Then you’re done, these magnets  keep your models fast.  With the plastic models you can even turn the tray upside down (I wouldn’t try this with metal models) 

Any questions or comments let me know - 


  1. Thanks for this mate, now to find some magnets since apparently they're dangerous. I can't wait til we ban anything that could hurt someone if they ate it. Then we can all sleep easy...

  2. We do live in a PC world! You can still acquire them for trade use – such as magnetising signs etc. (or miniatures) just make sure you don’t eat them… and eat two separately so the magnets then attract and go through your stomach wall…

  3. It's total bullshit how they banned those magnets! Total knee-jerk reaction! Why don't they ban household bleach? I bet that has done more harm to kids than the one or two cases of ingested magnets!
    How about the ban parents that leave dangerous goods around?

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