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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NZTC Rounds 3-6

Round 3 V The Grumpy Old Men
We’d got off to a hot start and now met one the teams I had predicted to be up and around the top places.  They had 4 very solid (and did I mention very old players?!) I really didn’t want to play Reid due to Pappa Nurgle able to do horrible things to my ogres, Ant wasn’t that keen either so we needed to be effective on the match up’s. 
W v Reid Daemons
Ant v Tane Dwarfs
Glenn v Ray Dark Elves
Me v Mike Lizardmen

At first glance I was pretty happy with how the match up’s went.  I had dodged Pappa and the rest of the team seemed pretty happy.  It was an extremely tight round and to be honest it was a bit of a blur! I underestimated Mike’s list and ended up getting stuck on an ethereal slann and two WS10/I10 Sarus blocks that ended up grinding off my mournfang and maneaters.  I had initially felt up but once the magic took hold I was pretty happy to come away with a small loss.  I blocked my own gut star and in hindsight I should have reformed with my bulls fighting the slann to try and allow one of my characters with a magic weapon to charge in solo.  Other key highlights were JW leaving Pappa Nurgle on 1W… A great bunch of guys who actually weren’t very grumpy at all!
39-41 to the Grumpy Old men! 

Round 4 V Over The Hill

This is probably the round/game that will haunt me the most about the event and probably ended up costing us the tournament in the end.  It wouldn’t have changed our draw and we could have got a much bigger win in this one. 

JW v James Millington WOC
Ant v Peter High Elves
Glenn v Simon Dwarfs
Me v Dave Skaven

Glenn got thrown under the bus a little bit with this one but it was done to enable Ant to get into the match he wanted the HE’s.  I took the skaven because no one else really wanted them!  I told Glenn to run at the dwarfs and John W to not leak points.  It was a funny old round, Ant was frustrated by Pete’s HE list and only picked up 12 points in a tight game (Pete despite such a w@nky list you played well!) Glenn decided he didn’t really want to run at the dwarfs and took 9 points, not I major I hoped.  Then that left me the skaven.  I wasn't too fussed as it wasn't an optimum skaven list and felt happy in what I need to do.  To say it didn't go to plan is an understatement.  Dave was a great guy (If he wasn’t such a nice guy I probably would have checked his dice!) and apologies for getting frustrated during the game.  To say nothing went my way was an understatement, leaving around a 1000+ points on 3 collective W’s – the bell on 1W the wheel on 1W and the abomb on 1W.. Dave you’ll correct me if I’m wrong but you made 6 straight 4+ wards on your assassin, and about 15 out of 20 on the bell?  Not to mention rolling three poison wounds on your assassin when you were re rolling 6’s due to heavens..  Needless to say last dice roll of the game 2W’s to the bell 1 W left another 2 4+wards!  It wasn’t looking so good at this stage and I went down 14-6 I think in the end.  To say JW came through for us was an understatement picking up a 16 point win versus the warriors to pull us out of a hole.
NZ Hammered Win 43-37

The only good rat is...

To be fair we were still 10 points clear of the field going into tomorrow’s rounds but I felt we left 8-12 tournament points on the table. 

There were no shenanigans Saturday night as we were all just so damned tired!

Round 5 The Nerdymen

JW v Paul Clarke
Ant v Graeme HE’s
Glenn v Rory Vampires
Me v Tom VR Ogres

The Nerdymen were our closest friends and rivals going into this (I am actually a member of the Nerdymen inducted by Graeme) so we knew each other well going into this one.  Hats off to them, I think they got the match up’s and they ended up with a cracking win and our only real loss of the weekend (I’m not counting 1 point v the Grumpy Old Men!).  Tom out Ogre’d me and to be honest out played me during our round.  I am normally very confident going into games regardless but round 4 was still in the back of my mind and I didn’t play well.  Tom took advantage, out deployed me and picked up a solid win.  Rory rode “Lordy” to victory after Glenn made the fatal mistake of killing the bus with Gateway and leaving “Lordy”  alive!  Often the only way to get him is the res from the knights but it wasn’t to be.  Rory did his best Chuck Norris and took Glenn’s men off.  I hear there has been a grudge thrown out for Equinox? Gray picked up a draw v Ant and Paul sneaked a win v JW.  We went down in this round and from being in 1st we slipped into 4th.  Well done guys and we will see you next year!    

Round 6 Omen

JW v Joel VDL
Ant v Sam Whitt
Glenn v Glenn B Vamps
Me v James HE’s

I was pumped we got these guys in the last round as they are a great bunch of guys and I was hoping to play James Milner after plenty of Twitter banter.  The match up’s went like a dream for us and we got every game we wanted.  I didn't fancy the DE’s so we were able to put Glenn up first and allow us to manoeuvre the match up’s.  We needed to win big in this one to give us the best shot at the podium so I gave the instruction to go “balls out” for the wins as 4th wasn't what we came for.  I didn't really have much time to see the games as they unfolded but we picked up wins across the board.  Winning the battle of the James’s and the Battle of the Glenn’s to show our skills!  A few highlights James’s unkillable dragon…  Glenn finally following his Captains orders and Gatewaying the Ghoul King off FTW!!!  John running away with half his army then beating up on a shell shocked Joel and Ant pushing his busses forward.  To say I was proud of the team was an understatement.  We picked up the 60 point win and left ourselves with the best possible chance of a podium.  Thanks to James and his guys they took it really well and I look forward to seeing some of the guys at Equinox.

Wrap Up

You know the rest so I won’t bore you but all I can say Team Warhammer FTW.  The most funny, intense and satisfying event I've been involved in.  Well done to the Dunn’s (Von Traps) on a successful operation submarine FTW!  Pete you avoided me again…



  1. Thanks for choking when the pressure was applied.

    Seriously who finishes a distant third when leading the event by 10 points going into the second day.

    Hey, we knew you had it in you :-)

    1. Don't worry Pete we are in good company.. The All Blacks, Rory McIlroy, Greg Norman and a fair few others.. we will rise again..

  2. It's not like we had Locky "Khoda Nasser" Reid organise a Dunny Bunny run for us on day 2 is it Pete ;)

    1. Sit down Antony and I'll explain Swiss Chess :-) I'll type slowly so you can follow :-)

      Grumpy Old Men 1st, Nerdymen and Von Trapps 2nd =. We have played Grumpy Old Men, so they play Nerdymen. We have played 4th (you), 5th OMEN, 6th OMEN and 7th Over The Hill. in fact the only available teams (other than Nerdy who have to play Grumpy) are the bottom three.

      We play 8th, missing the bottom two teams who were light years behind any one. I think you played one of the bottom two, Mr Bunny Crusher

    2. First round Pete, luck of the draw. Plus we didn't know they were bunnies at the time! Losing their highest ranked player and one of their better lists was tough for them.

    3. We may have played one of the bottom 2 but I suspect us getting 60-10 went some way to putting them in the bottom 2.

      I believe we were the only team to play 3 of the top 4 as well. Did anyone else get two 60-10s as well?

  3. Yes, a very shell shocked Joel!
    1) skink priest rolls comet
    2) turn 1 casual 4 dice IF comet in lines
    3) ????
    4) profit as I'm playing the skink game.

    Congrats on the placing and Team O.M.E.N. are already plotting their revenge...

    1. Lizards will do that too you, you think you are up and then they zulu dawn you and it's all over! We will see you guys next year!

    2. I think we both looked at the table and thought Draw. I thought the comet would give me a small win..... Until you pushed forward and skulky skinks could sneak in and do their evil best.