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Sunday, 17 February 2013

NZTC 3rd Place!

This is just a quick update; the weekend was so epic I am going to do a full break down/report of the event as soon as I get the time.  I first off want to say thanks to the organisers, the event was well run and went to plan.  Thanks to Pete for setting it up and Locky/Ryan as TO’s.  We had six tough but extremely fun rounds so thanks to all of our opponents over the weekend.  It did get intense at times but team warhammer is by far the most enjoyable form of the game I have played, not wanting to let your team down adds a whole new dimension!  My team were legends over the weekend, Ant who didn't drop a game I think, John W and Glenn who sometimes got thrown under the bus but came up with massive wins at key times John W getting a 17-3 and Glenn a 19-1 last round springs to mind.  So as the title suggests… we came 3rd!!! Given such a tough field I am pumped at the result.  We had a shot at glory as did the other top 4 teams so I am happy.

1st The Von Trapp’s
2nd The Nerdymen
3rd Team NZ Hammered (AKA The D.I.L.F’s)

More to follow.  


  1. Yeah well done mate. Congrats to you and your team on the podium.
    I agree team warhammer is by far the best warhammer! Bring on next year!

  2. Thanks mate, good to meet finally. What an event. Drained today at work, will be back next year without a doubt. Team Warhammer = win in my view. Just added a totally new dimension.

  3. Congrats James to you and your team.

    1. cheers Jeff, what an event! I will be getting up a full report/break down probably once I've digested it all.

  4. Congrats!
    What a great event. Some photos up on my blog and our club blog
    Herman (Kapiti Krushers)

    1. Thanks mate, I’ll check it out. What a great event.